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    A simple but tasty filling pie for those cold evenings. It's good served with veg and roast potatoes, mmmm!

    Recipe by: hunnymum

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    I know most people buy these nowadays but they are easy to make if you use frozen pastry, plus you can vary the flavour. This recipe uses fresh chives and mustard. Grown-ups love them! For a birthday party, you can keep them plain or add grated Cheddar to the sausagemeat.

    Recipe by: Lauren

    403 reviews

    Bacon, Gruyere cheese and onions mingle in perfect harmony amidst the eggs and cream in this timeless classic.

    Recipe by: Laundrie

    29 reviews

    The pastry for these Cornish pasties is made lard which makes it easier to handle and results in a tastier pasty. This is the recipe that I grew up with.

    Recipe by: Mary Mrotek

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    A delicious steak and kidney pie including bacon, mushrooms and red wine. Excellent winter fare.

    Recipe by: Nat P

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    I don't think gammon is very traditional when it comes to pies, but I had some leftover gammon in the fridge and just happened to have some puff pastry. What else was there to do? These little pies were a joy to make and the compliments were endless.

    Recipe by: adri

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    This is a recipe that i invented when i was a student in Scotland and one in which i am asked to make every christmas for people.

    Recipe by: HANKYPOOS

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    Great idea to plan this as part of a 3 day menu, where you have gammon on day 1, roast chicken dinner on day 2 and use the leftovers to make this delicious pie on day 3. Failing that, boil 3 chicken breasts in chicken stock in a covered pan for 10 minutes and roast a joint of gammon and use what you need to for this recipe and keep the rest back for another day.

    Recipe by: Graham_le

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    When I tell people about 'herbie pie' they're like, "WHAT?!". It does sound funny, but it tastes delicious and is cheap to make too! I think a lot of people will be curious about this dish with its strange name! I have made it for friends and family and they really liked it, in fact a friend even asked me for the recipe!

    Recipe by: Keri

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    A traditional favourite and easy to make. Choose any sausage you like and make the pastry crust yourself.

    Recipe by: luscious2011

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