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    From creamy beef korma to a spicy beef vindaloo - find lots of hearty and delicious Indian beef curry recipes that'll spice up dinnertime. Check out our entire Indian collection for accompaniments and more ideas.

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    This beef curry is an authentic recipe from Bangladesh. Beef stewing steak is cooked with an aromatic combination of spices. The spice list might look daunting, but most you should have in your cupboard! Enjoy this beef curry with rice or naan. It's quite spicy, so reduce the number of chillies if desired.

    Recipe by: maishadewan

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    Turn beef mince into something effortlessly delicious with this authentic keema curry recipe. Easy to find Indian spices make this dish full of flavour, and the addition of potatoes and peas makes it a hearty curry. Serve simply with rice or naan.

    Recipe by: The Meatetarian

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    Turn simple minced meat into something brilliant in five easy steps, with plenty of control to make it as mild or as spicy as you want. This keema recipe will work with almost any minced meat, including lamb, chicken, turkey or, of course, beef.

    Recipe by: MartynCoup

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    This beef korma recipe is an absolute hit with my family. The curry spice mix doesn't take long to make yourself, and it really is what sets this curry recipe apart. Serve with basmati rice or naan bread.

    Recipe by: katypila

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    I made this with what I had in the cupboard at the last minute; was going to make chilli, then thought I'd make a curry. Turned out great, if I say so myself!

    Recipe by: TheBakingNurseCupcakery

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    It's well worth the time and effort of marinating the meat overnight. Once you tweak it to your spice levels - this spicy hot curry that will rival any Indian restaurant!

    Recipe by: Military Cook

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    This is my version of a favourite curry of mine. For a creamier curry, stir in a few tablespoons of plain yoghurt just before serving.

    Recipe by: lucky

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    Transport yourself to the shores of Goa with this authentic beef curry. If you plan ahead, you can cook the beef itself ahead of time, then whip up the curry in less than 30 minutes.

    Recipe by: Louella

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    This is a real delight for all beef curry lovers. The roots of this recipe are Portuguese; it's widely prepared among Christians in Kerala, India. Basically you cut the beef into small cubes and fry in the spicy ingredients. It's so yummy and it goes well with white rice.

    Recipe by: Deepak Mathew

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    This curry is a fruit and nut curry which on cooking turns a wonderful dark colour. If you can resist it for a day it improves with sitting. Very rounded flavour and as spicy as you wish. You can use left over roast beef Joint instead of raw beef if you want.

    Recipe by: caspellclark

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