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    Try our Greek beef recipes - everything from a classic beef stifado to a saucy moussaka. Moussaka, pastitsio, keftedes (meatballs) and more are all traditionally made with beef in Greece, though you can easily use half pork and half beef mince for variety.

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    Keftedes are economical, versatile and - above all - unbelievably tasty! These meatballs are baked instead of fried, but still get nice and crispy. Read my tips below for how to serve them as nibbles or make great use of leftovers.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    This is my own version of bifteki. They aren't usually made with cheese, but I find the feta makes them all the more tasty!. Serve on it's own with a Greek salad, or as burgers in a bap. These are also good baked in the oven.

    Recipe by: Marlies Monika

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    Stifado is Greek for 'stew' and a stifado recipe typically calls for rabbit, beef or even beef heart. This beef stifado is simply delicious and like any other stifado I recommend serving it with rice, chips, mashed potato or simply loads of crusty bread!

    Recipe by: Diana

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    Nothing beats a succulent joint of Greek roast beef. Roast meat - lamb, chicken, beef - and potatoes is ubiquitous in Greece, and this version is a slight twist on the classic. Instead of the usual lemons, this calls for orange juice as well.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    My version of moussaka, the classic Greek dish. My family love it and its great for a dinner party too. Make it the previous day for the best flavour and add/make the topping on the day of eating! Serve with crusty bread and a Greek or mixed salad. Tip - You can make this without pre-frying the aubergine, just layer the raw slices (no thicker than 5mm) as described and add 10 minutes to final cooking time.

    Recipe by: CharlieB

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    A traditional Greek dish made by layering cheesy macaroni and a meat and tomato sauce together, then topping the dish with a white sauce, before being baked to perfection.

    Recipe by: David Reeves

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    An authentic Greek beef stifado that is slow cooked in a rich red wine and tomato sauce for 4, 5, or even 6+ hours until meltingly tender. (I once cooked this stifado on the hob over two days for more than 13 hours in total and the beef had a "fudge" like consistency). In Greece this is served in a bowl by itself with just crusty bread, but I like to serve some kind of potato with it, roast or mash work really good with it, and feel free to serve your favourite veg on the side too.

    Recipe by: ianvardy

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    I first tried this dish over a decade ago in Ipsos Corfu! It's a hearty meal any time of year for all ages.

    Recipe by: PHILITOURS

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    My all time favourite Greek dish. Chunks of tender beef with shallots in a rich aromatic tomato sauce. Serve with boiled rice and a good supply of crusty bread to mop up the rich sauce!

    Recipe by: waz71

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    Pastitsio is a layered Greek pasta bake topped with white sauce. You can also use a mixture of half minced beef and half minced pork for this recipe, and use penne instead of macaroni.

    Recipe by: Eleanor J. Froehlich

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