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    If you're vegetarian and in need of quick and easy meals to make in the microwave, look no further. From asparagus soup to cheat's risotto - find lots of easy vegetarian recipes you can make in the microwave.

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    Velvety asparagus soup, lovely green colour, great with crunchy rolls. My friend gave me this recipe, it originally used chicken stock. When my daughter became vegetarian, I modified it with vegetable stock instead! It also doubles easily. This soup will tempt even asparagus haters!

    Recipe by: Pyromommy

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    I was first introduced to squash whilst I was living in America for three months. I was told a few different ways of cooking it, but this is my favourite. In the States, I used acorn squash, but butternut is just as good, and I'm sure other types of winter squash would work well too.

    Recipe by: ssaarraahh

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    A creamy butternut squash soup to make in the microwave. Adapt the recipe to suit your taste, with nutmeg, cloves and a hint of cinnamon.

    Recipe by: stackhawkley

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    These vegetarian burritos are folded into a wedge instead of being rolled. They are simply delicious. Flour tortillas are filled with refried beans, spring onions, tomato, olives, lettuce, avocado, cheese and soured cream.

    Recipe by: BECKY M.

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    To speed things up, I cook the veg in the microwave and sometimes use tinned tomatoes. This makes a quick dinner served with rice or naan.

    Recipe by: Laxmi Laxman

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    I discovered this recipe by accident but have been making it ever since for a quick, easy lunch or dinner for one. The tomatoes and spinach soften easily in the microwave and the cheese melts to create a sauce and give the consistency of risotto.

    Recipe by: Ita

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    This risotto is quick and easy to make. You also won't have to stand over the hob stirring constantly. Enjoy as a side dish or a main course.

    Recipe by: Drasaid

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    This easy pasta bake is made in the microwave. Spaghetti is microwaved with cream of mushroom soup, broccoli and fried onions. Perfect student fare!

    Recipe by: DEVINT

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    A mixture of yogurt, mayo and curry powder is spread on a whole head of cauliflower. It is then cooked in the microwave for a quick vegetable side dish.

    Recipe by: Griz

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    This is a fantastic warm tofu sandwich that even tofu-haters will love. Smoked tofu, Cheddar, spinach, Parmesan and Ranch dressing are wrapped together in a wholemeal flour tortilla.

    Recipe by: VIKIM

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