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    Sausage and pasta are a match made in heaven. Find recipes for spinach and sausage cannelloni, smoked sausage pasta, sausage pasta bakes and much more. Check out our entire Sausage collection for more ideas.

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    86 reviews

    A super-delicious pasta dish, which is packed full of wonderful flavours. Rigatoni is tossed with spicy sausages, fennel, roasted red pepper and topped with mozzarella and Parmesan.

    Recipe by: Boog

    2 reviews

    This well-loved pasta dish is a common Spanish school dinner. Macaroni is tossed with a tomato and chorizo sauce for a dish that kids are sure to love!

    Recipe by: Luis Luna

    117 reviews

    Not a recipe for people on a diet - chicken, sausage and penne pasta are baked in a creamy tomato sauce. I cook the meats, pasta and sauce all at the same time, but it can be done individually and refrigerated before baking it in the oven.

    Recipe by: Simon Wraight

    10 reviews

    This is an unusal dish, not your normal cannelloni, but it tastes delish. I have made this for my hubby and our friends and everyone cleared their plates! It can be fiddly though, but it's definitely worth the while!

    Recipe by: Keri

    7 reviews

    This is a dinner that my two pre-school aged boys request at least once a week. Crammed with veggies it's a great way to get more of the good stuff in a fun way. This can be made up in advance. I often make it in the morning and top with cheese and bake at dinner time. It also reheats well in the microwave and can be frozen in batches.

    Recipe by: SashaKennedy

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    • Macaroni and chorizo - Easy Spanish recipe
      Macaroni and chorizo - Easy Spanish recipe

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