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    If you are following a raw food diet or simply would like to eat fresh natural foods now and again - find lots of delicious raw food recipes in our growing collection.

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    Exactly what it says on the tin - simple and straightforward and kids love it.

    Recipe by: BRENDALEE2

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    Sweet treats with no added sugar - raw, unfired fare that is all natural and vegan!

    Recipe by: VEGANSPK

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    The wonderful combination of sweet, spicy and tangy is brought together in this salsa. Serve tortilla chips for dipping.

    Recipe by: Six Pack To Go

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    A vegan friendly coleslaw! Chopped cabbage is tossed with diced tomato, orange juice, lime juice and seasoned. It's a great, light and healthy alternative to traditional coleslaw.

    Recipe by: Kristal

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    This is a mild, creamy mayonnaise suitable for vegans or those who like to follow a raw food diet. Add lemon juice, vinegar and salt at the end, tasting in between each addition. Please note, you will need a blender or food processor in order to achieve a really creamy consistency, and you should adjust quantities to suit your own palette.

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    A delicious raw houmous recipe for those following a raw food diet, made with sprouted chickpeas. Serve with fresh carrot and celery sticks.

    Recipe by: EMILKALIL

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    This 3 ingredient healthy dessert is as easy as ABC! It's made by blending avocado, ripe bananas and cocoa powder. The avocado is what makes it deliciously thick and creamy.

    Recipe by: Beyker

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    Ok, it's not porridge since it doesn't have oats but it looks just like it! Chia seeds expand in liquid and provide lots of crunch and texture to this filling, fruity breakfast.

    Recipe by: Raw_Angel

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    A gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan, no-bake cheesecake-style cake that only uses only natural sugars! The base is made with cashew nuts and grated coconut. The second layer is made with cocoa powder and coconut oil and sweetened with agave syrup.

    Recipe by: AngelasHeaven.com

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    Paleo raw carrot cake is a spin on a traditional favourite! Made with a carrot, date and walnut base, this delicious cake is topped with a smooth cashew and coconut icing that's surprisingly healthy and good for you! Keep carrot cake bites in a container in the freezer.

    Recipe by: Megan Olson

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