Vegan cookies and biscuits (21)

    No cardboard found here! Yes, delicious recipes for vegan cookies and biscuits can be found! Check out our vegan chocolate chip cookies, shortbread and more.

    Top vegan cookies and biscuits

    20 reviews

    These cookies are deliciously simple. They are perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. If you want to make these vegan-friendly, make sure you use dairy-free vegetable margarine.

    Recipe by: donkey12

    95 reviews

    These soft cookies are easy to make and incredibly moreish. They are flavoured with banana, peanut butter and chocolate chips. For the best flavour, use the ripest bananas you have lying around.

    Recipe by: GODGIFU

    9 reviews

    Great crackers to eat with homemade dips, pate and hummus. They are cheap and easy to make and vegan friendly.

    Recipe by: fii33

    6 reviews

    These vegan coconut biscuits have a slight crispy crunch and an understated coconut taste. Perfect for a coffee or tea break.

    Recipe by: TheFlexitarian

    5 reviews

    Lovely, gingery biscuits with both ground ginger and stem ginger. They can be made vegan by using a vegan margarine rather than butter.

    Recipe by: daisyboo

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