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    This is an easy recipe for two lovely lemon and poppy seed loaves. The yoghurt helps to keep these cakes deliciously moist! Enjoy as is with a cuppa, warm with butter. Or you can top these with a lovely lemon drizzle icing.

    Recipe by: erimousch

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    For those of us who love lemon, this is the perfect lemon drizzle cake. This cake is wonderfully moist, fruity and not too sweet. This cake also freezes well and is good to have on hand when guests drop by for afternoon tea.

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    Fruity loaf cake ideal for afternoon tea! Coating the cherries with flour before stirring in keeps them from sinking.

    Recipe by: Tammie21

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    Chunks of apple and chocolate go together surprisingly well in this moist loaf cake. All my friends love it, even those who don't normally like cakes with fruit in!

    Recipe by: nams

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    This is a 'somebody needs to restrain me before I eat the whole thing' type cake which is pretty easy to make and if you think about it, it is two of your five-a-day with banana and dates in it. Perfect spread with butter served a cup of English tea.

    Recipe by: fii33

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    Rhubarb is one of the wonderful gifts of spring. This bread makes a delicious treat for the whole family.

    Recipe by: Lori

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    A delicious, egg-free fruit loaf that's rich and moist. Serve thickly sliced with lashings of butter. Enjoy for afternoon tea, elevenses or pop into packed lunches.

    Recipe by: Tambaloneus

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    Ground almonds make this a particularly moreish banana cake. You can up the almond flavour by using almond extract instead of vanilla, and try decorating the top of the loaf with whole or flaked almonds before baking.

    Recipe by: MichaR

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    This was my first attempt at a fruity loaf, so I was a tad apprehensive before I started this recipe. But as a novice, I have to say it is the easiest recipe I have ever used. Perfect for a beginner! The resulting loaf is fruity, moist and sweet with a lovely unexpected tang from the lemon drizzle. It's so good my dad even recommends it and he NEVER recommends my baking (usually too sweet for him)! Give it a go and enjoy.

    Recipe by: jodyfrankis

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    This rich, dark and moist tea cake is delicious for breakfast or as an afternoon snack with coffee or tea.

    Recipe by: Jan Sticka

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