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    Try pistachio nuts in everything from pistachio macaroons to nutty salads. We have recipes for pistachio biscuits, baklava and tonnes more.

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    Soft and chewy nutty cookies, drizzled with melted milk or white chocolate. Very easy to customise.

    Recipe by: IAmAmyWaterhouse

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    Delicious pistachio and apricot power balls are easy to make, delicious and healthy. Perfect as an after gym snack, picnic or to make with the kids in the summer holidays.

    Recipe by: American_Pistachios

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    A simple salad, which has the perfect combination of flavours and textures. Tender lettuce, salty pistachios and sweet pomegranate seeds are tossed together with a tangy dressing.

    Recipe by: mimichette

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    This a is traditional Jewish classic dessert especially at your Purim celebration. It is customary to have food containing poppy seeds, fruits and nuts as this is what Esther ate whilst she was kept prisoner in the palace – they were some of the few ingredients that she could obtain that were kosher! This can be parev.

    Recipe by: deniseskitchen

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    A deliciously fruity summer cake made with lemon, pistachio nuts and St Helen's Farm® goats' dairy products.

    Recipe by: StHelensFarm

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    Sliced chicken breasts are coated in a mixture of pistachios and breadcrumbs, before being baked to perfection. This recipe is easy and exceptionally delicious.

    Recipe by: Julie

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    A delicious marzipan, which is made with almonds and pistachios. It's sweet and incredibly nutty. Use as you would with shop-bought marzipan.

    Recipe by: Naschkatze

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    Delicious and easy, these pancakes serve 12 people. Serve with a dollop or two of Greek yoghurt and some fresh summer berries.

    Recipe by: American_Pistachios

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    This salad is a lovely combination of colourful beetroot and creamy avocado. Add dried cherries and crunchy pistachios and you will have the perfect salad for an elegant dinner party or family supper.

    Recipe by: LisaMB

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    Love shortbread, so this is one with other ingredients added that I also love - pistachio nuts, brandy and orange zest.

    Recipe by: Killaconin

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