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    Find tempting vegetable lasagne recipes including mushroom and spinach lasagne, butternut squash lasagne, broccoli lasagne and even vegetarian and vegan lasagnes.

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    An extremely tasty, very put-together lasagne which has received rave reviews from my friends and family. Long prep but definitely worth the effort!

    Recipe by: Ceridwen

    406 reviews

    So yummy you won't know it's actually low fat! This is an easy lasagne recipe, and you can also substitute minced turkey or another veggie for the spinach.

    Recipe by: LSPACE

    19 reviews

    These spinach lasagne sheets are absolutely chock-a-block with the beautiful colours, flavours and nutrients of red, green and yellow peppers, courgette, tomatoes, onion and loads of herbs and spices. You'll be over the moon when you taste the rainbow of this gorgeous veg pasta bake!

    Recipe by: LISAMICH

    145 reviews

    Layers of rich tomato sauce, tofu and lasagne sheets - a delicious and hearty vegan recipe.

    Recipe by: jessica

    3 reviews

    I'm fast disappearing under a courgette mountain. This is my contribution to us poor gardeners who can't even give away our courgettes.

    Recipe by: MotherhenB

    2 reviews

    Homemade vegetable lasagne, just as it should be; hot, oozy and messy, with garden peas and chunky chips! This is a vegetable lasagne without any weird mycro-protein meat substitute; just vegetables and tomatoes, with a homemade white sauce (made with lactose free milk and cheese, and gluten free flour). I have been known to make my own pasta sheets for this but tonight I used Sainsbury's gluten free pasta sheets (dry).

    Recipe by: intoleranceisbliss

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    This is one of my experiments. It turned out pretty good so sharing it. I got the idea after eating an awful veg.lasagne in a cafe. It had something resembling sweet sour sauce in it...mah..I guarantee mine is healthy and yummy! It's light as I dont use any bechamel sauce and is also ideal if u dont like or are allergic to tomatoes. I made it with a big marrow but u can use different vegetables in it. i suggest aubergines and courgettes.

    Recipe by: mammaSERE

    3 reviews

    Salmon and spinach lasagne is an absolutely terrific innovation and so delicious with the creamy garlic white sauce. A great option for freezing into batches and enjoying again at a later date.

    Recipe by: Karin50

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    A delicious vegetarian lasagne that meat eaters will love. Lasagne sheets are layered with a butternut squash sauce and Parmesan cheese, then finished off with whipped cream and more Parmesan cheese. Enjoy with a side salad or garlic bread.


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    A scrummy, creamy, veggie-packed lasagne made with tortillas instead of lasagne sheets! Making it much lighter and delicious.

    Recipe by: Claremum2four

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