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    Fresh artichoke hearts are lightly fried in olive oil, then combined with crispy bacon, fresh sage leaves, goats cheese and warm tagliatelle pasta to create this creamy, flavourful pasta dish.

    Recipe by: Barilla

    1277 reviews

    The classic spaghetti carbonara - without cream, just plenty of egg and Parmesan cheese. Rich and delicious.

    Recipe by: Sandy T.

    316 reviews

    Tomatoes and garlic are simmered with anchovies, capers, olives and dried chillies in this Italian pasta sauce.

    Recipe by: Pooche

    14 reviews

    This is a rustic Spanish, spicy, mince based baked penne pasta dish which is perfect for a no-frills family supper. It has come about through trial and error in an attempt to replicate a dish that I ate in a Spanish farmhouse some 15 years ago. In our family it is simply called THE Pasta Dish. The sauce makes 5 portions and so it becomes economical and quick after you've cooked the batch of sauce.

    Recipe by: janie

    705 reviews

    Easy and delicious dinner which my family loves. Making it in the slow cooker means the lasagne sheets are always evenly cooked!

    Recipe by: KIMIRN

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