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    This marinade was a bit of an experiment, and it worked out really well. The sweetness of the honey with the salty soy sauce went perfectly well along with the garlic which I didn't expect! The salmon was incredibly moist and tender - I wished I had someone to share this with! I was just cooking for myself, since my mum doesn't eat fish. So please try this and let me know what you think. I wasn't very hungry at the time so I just served it with broccoli that I stir fried with sesame seeds, but this would be lovely with brown rice.

    Recipe by: LottieRainbow

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    This is the easiest recipe for baked salmon, or really any fish. You won't find another recipe as simple and flavourful. Serve with your favourite sides - rice, veggies, salad - for a fantastic and healthy meal.

    Recipe by: MOMMY_OUV_2

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    A fantastic weeknight dinner, which is also great for company. Salmon is baked with goat cheese, Dijon mustard and mayonnaise. Serve with a side salad, potatoes, rice or pasta.

    Recipe by: Ani

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    Baked salmon makes an excellent special occasion main course!

    Recipe by: Chris

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    This whole baked salmon with a dill and watercress mousse is perfect for a large exquisite banquet. Perfect for special occasions like Christmas, this dish breaks away from the traditional somewhat, yet celebrates itself in total glamorous style.

    Recipe by: geneviever

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    I love the way the zesty lemon and thyme balance with the salmon. This is a great lower-fat recipe, too.

    Recipe by: PLee

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    A tasty and easy way to bake salmon. Serve in parchment with buttered new potatoes, and forget about the washing up!

    Recipe by: Karen

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    This is a great salmon recipe for beginners! Even my daughter who wouldn't dream of eating fish loved it.

    Recipe by: LADYBLADE

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    This is a fantastic fish supper for anyday of the week. Pasta is tossed in a garlic, sage and lime sauce and served with baked salmon fillets.

    Recipe by: Cari

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    This Parmesan cheese and olive crusted salmon is a tried and tested favourite in our household. Enjoy for dinner with a crisp salad.

    Recipe by: Chip

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