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    Find quick and easy recipes to make the most of any leftover roast beef. We have roast beef hash recipes, beef soups, sandwiches and more.

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    Stovies are traditionally made with leftover roast beef, potatoes and onions. But by using corned beef - it makes this doable anytime!

    Recipe by: Kookie

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    An easy, quick and delicious sandwich to eat anytime. It works equally well with roast chicken leftovers or beef.


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    Warm and comforting recipe from my mum. Great for those lamb or roast beef leftovers (best with lamb though). Use leftover gravy, or buy shop bought gravy.

    Recipe by: AMANDA FAIR

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    A quick and easy version of the classic Mexican-style dish that makes great use of leftover beef. Crispy tortilla chips are topped with chilli con carne, salsa and cheese.

    Recipe by: Tesco

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    Chilli made from leftover beef, served with salad and a little cheese wrapped up in a tortilla. I usually serve this with some potato wedges, just don't make too many, the burritos can be surprisingly filling.

    Recipe by: spacehippo

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    A hearty, flavourful beef stew recipe for the slow cooker. Coating the beef with paprika seasoned flour and browning with mushrooms and onion first will add that beautiful colour and extra layers of flavour before simmering with the root veg and Marsala wine sauce in the slow cooker. Serve with fresh, crusty bread and salad for a comforting chilly weather dinner.

    Recipe by: BusySpoons

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    A hearty and thick soup with chunks of beef and barley. You can use any homemade beef stock you may have on hand and use leftover beef for the soup.

    Recipe by: nt-bell

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    I like quick dishes. I also like to know that in my kitchen food will not be wasted. Today I have two suggestions for a quick dinner or lunch using leftover meat. My husband really enjoyed both dishes.

    Recipe by: Agatha

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    Forget the tinned stuff, using homemade corned beef, spiced beef or leftover roast beef will give you the most flavour in this retro brunch dish. Serve with a poached egg on top.

    Recipe by: debrasteward

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    A perfect way to use up leftover roast beef and those vegetables still lurking in the vegetable drawer! It's crunchy, fresh and delicious. I came up with this recipe after staring at the leftovers of a (really beautiful) roast beef dinner that we had eaten one Sunday. This recipe is easily adapted to use fresh beef steak (see below). Having scoured the internet for help (we don't have beef that often), no specific recipe seemed to fit what I had left in the vegetable cupboard either, so I got a general idea and came up with this...

    Recipe by: aliclaire

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