Chocolate sponge cake

    Looking for that perfectly light and luscious chocolate sponge? We have loads of chocolate sponge cake recipes that are easy to make for birthdays, special occasions or any time.

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    A delicious, light, tasty, scrummy cake, including an easy-to-make chocolate icing.

    Recipe by: 999cameron

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    This large chocolate sponge cake is light in texture and filled with a buttercream icing. If you like, you can even glaze it with melted chocolate. This is a good sized cake for a birthday celebration.

    Recipe by: jean.isacke

    13 reviews

    This recipe for a double chocolate sponge cake is a total crowd-pleaser; it goes with anything, anytime, for anyone. Whether you need a moist chocolate cake for a birthday or a delicate light finish to a big meal - you can count on this chocolate cake to meet all of your needs. Enjoy with some whipped cream or ice cream for a special treat.

    Recipe by: geneviever

    10 reviews

    The best chocolate cake you will ever eat! Egg-free, dairy-free and with a beautiful buttercream. Serve with whatever you want, it does not matter, this cake is pure awesomeness. Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, 3am snackā€¦go for it!

    Recipe by: BrianCaffin

    14 reviews

    Velvety moist chocolate sponge. Easy to make with the basic ingredients you always have in the store cupboard.

    Recipe by: devasrs

    7 reviews

    Chocolate Madeira cake is sure to satisfy all of the chocolate lovers out there! Moist, rich and ideal for cake sales, picnics or afternoon tea - this cake is a real crowd pleaser.

    Recipe by: oompahloompa

    4 reviews

    Chocolate sponge with a fresh cream and cherry conserve filling. Topped with cherries and dusted with caster and icing sugar. mmmm!

    Recipe by: marsaday

    3 reviews

    This chocolate sponge cake may be simple, but tastes delicious. It is great for all occasions and for an afternoon snack!

    Recipe by: sophiemealor

    3 reviews

    This charming chocolate Swiss roll is perfect for special occasions like a celebratory afternoon tea. It takes a little bit of knack to get the rolling right, but the result is impressive!

    Recipe by: bethanyR1982

    3 reviews

    A gorgeous chocolate sponge cake that uses just six ingredients. Spread this chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream for a really special cake.

    Recipe by: victoria_ann

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