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Find simple, creamy smoked salmon pates and spreads for a quick and easy dinner party starter or canapé.

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Smoked salmon trimmings blended with fresh herbs and white beans make a delicious pâté that needs no cooking.

Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

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Smoked salmon is blended into a creamy spread for crackers or bread. Great for party nibbles or canapés.

Recipe by: Rob

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This easy smoked salmon pate is perfect for using up those smoked salmon trimmings. Make this ahead for your next party.

Recipe by: grayce

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A rich, creamy smoked salmon pate with a hint of nutmeg which makes it a delicous Christmas dinner starter. Use the thick smoked salmon - you'll be able to get it at any supermarket fish counter.

Recipe by: starfish

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An easy smoked salmon pate with only 5 ingredients. It's made in a flash in when you use a blender. Pulse for a chunky version or continue to blend for a smoother pate. I make this for Christmas parties and serve on crackers or melba toast.

Recipe by: Mrs. Mary Hunt

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Smoked salmon is blended with cream cheese and seasonings to make this delicious spread. Serve as an party snack with crackers, crositini or crusty bread.

Recipe by: Toni

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An straightforward salmon pate made in a food processor using smoked salmon but it works just as well with leftover poached salmon. Serve on melba toast, crackers or wheaten bread for a nice starter.

Recipe by: margaret_fullington

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This tasty smoked salmon pate is a great starter for a variety of different menus. Serve with a light garnish and a wedge of lemon.

Recipe by: CaryC

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This autumn chestnut crusted smoked salmon pate is a delightful starter perfect for a dinner party. Serve with some fresh rocket on the side.

Recipe by: Barb

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Tasty hot smoked salmon recipe! A great party recipe, starter or a delicious snack! Very easy to make, and it only takes about 15 minutes before you can sit down and enjoy the delicious taste!

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