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    Find simple smoked mackerel pâté recipes and create an elegant starter, healthy lunch or snack for a picnic.

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    I first tried this fabulous recipe at a friends house in Filey and was blown away with the taste. If you love mackerel, then you will love this! A super fast delicious starter or snack.

    Recipe by: mosage

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    This smoked mackerel pâté is absolutely divine. We have been working on this recipe for many years to get it right and have achieved a rich consistency and a smooth texture, perfect for those who love fish and shy away from the more traditional liver pâté. Best served on crusty bread at the beach.

    Recipe by: DanaT

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    This pate combines the health benefits of oily fish and nuts, a combination which goes surprisingly well together. It can be eaten as a lunch or snack on bread or toast and takes minutes to prepare from canned fish. Sardines or any other oily fish could be substituted for mackerel.

    Recipe by: ggaylmer

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    This is a great dish to serve smoked mackerel in a different way with warm toast and butter with a side salad. This dish reminds me of winter Sunday afternoons sat in front of the fire. The amount of pate this recipe makes is sufficient to serve 4 to 6.

    Recipe by: DorsetJammer

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    A fantastically easy fish pâté that's also really cheap. Makes a great appetiser for parties. Serve with oatcakes. Serves 4 to 6 as a starter.

    Recipe by: Phloxygen

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    Smoked mackerel gives wonderful flavour to this recipe. Serve with crackers, toast or fresh crusty bread. The pâté can be made milder by the addition of more mascarpone or cream cheese.

    Recipe by: Karen C

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    Simple tasty starter. Serve with warm French bread and try your best not to eat the whole lot in one go !!!

    Recipe by: HowardCooke

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    Whether you are planning a simple family meal or an elegant dinner party, this fresh-tasting smoked fish pâté makes the perfect light starter, served with slices of Granary toast. For an extra special presentation, spoon it into scooped-out lemon shells, which will also enhance the tangy lemon flavour.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    There seems no reason to me that panna cotta really must be a dessert. Here is my version of a savoury panna cotta. I served it with fondant potatoes, green beans and a swipe of mustard sauce but it also makes a special starter for a dinner party.

    Recipe by: hippychris

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    My friend served me this and it was delicious. I had to put it on. Serve with some slices of crusty bread.

    Recipe by: Nicolelovebaking

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