Lemon cupcakes (20)

    Find irresistible recipes for lemon drizzle cupcakes, lemon meringue cupcakes and many more tangy lemon cupcakes. Decorate with rich buttercream icing or glaze with a lemon syrup.

    Top lemon cupcake recipes

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    Gorgeous little lemon cakes, drizzled with lemon syrup and topped with lemon icing. Dress them up with sugar flowers and present them in fancy baking cases for a special occasion.

    Recipe by: TheFennelShed

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    My mum doesn't like sweet things as a general rule, but these are her favourites. I made them up on a sunny Sunday afternoon with some leftover raspberries.

    Recipe by: alicarrington

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    These were a bit of an improvisation when I had some spare raspberries and jar of lemon curd. They make a really indulgent treat, but are not as heavy as a chocolatey treat.

    Recipe by: rachelgreener90

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    Lemon cupcakes which are very moist, quick and easy to make, topped with an easy lemon buttercream icing.

    Recipe by: Mixadish

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    These cupcakes taste super lemony, perfect for those lemon lovers. You can decide on the amount of lemon zest yourself - it depends on the size of lemons. I always just try the batter and if it's not lemony enough, I stir in a little more zest.

    Recipe by: babsi_s

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