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    For a deliciously different cake, try our fruity apricot cakes. We have boozy apricot cake, apricot almond cake, apricot semolina cake and more.

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    This is a delicious moist cake which my family love. I liked the idea of almonds and apricots together so brought this recipe together. I used tinned apricots, but dried or fresh ones could also be used. To economise, I bought flaked almonds from a low cost German supermarket and ground them myself.

    Recipe by: Katie245

    3 reviews

    A lovely tea cake that is easy to make, moist and studded with dried apricots and pecans. My friends say this tea loaf is highly addictive and people are always asking me for the recipe. Enjoy for afternoon tea or anytime!

    Recipe by: Christine

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    I usually make this moist cake in the days between Christmas and New Year's so I can use up leftover pantry ingredients from Christmas baking. You could also add nuts or other dried fruit.

    Recipe by: Linda

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    Summer is the time when we can forget about tinned fruit and preserves, and can finally enjoy the full, rich flavour of fresh fruits. This is a great fruity, juicy sponge cake made from lots of real apricots with a gentle hint of honey. Fabulous for sweetening up mid-summer tea time!

    Recipe by: UniChefUK

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    A lighter alternative to Christmas cake. Makes a nutritious snack or tea-time treat anytime of the year.

    Recipe by: Koka

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