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    From butter pecan cake to rich and decadent chocolate pecan cake, we have loads of nutty pecan cake recipes to try!

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    The melding of banana, coconut and pecans give this cake a unique flavour, and the luscious Banana Nut Icing is truly the icing on the cake. Best if made a day before serving.

    Recipe by: ETHELMERTZ

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    This is a delicious lemon drizzle cake. Omit the pecans if you're looking for a plain lemon drizzle cake.

    Recipe by: Carol

    202 reviews

    This cheesecake is decadant, delicious and will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. A vanilla biscuit base is topped with a pecan, caramel and chocolate cheesecake filling.

    Recipe by: Kevin Ryan

    16 reviews

    If you love sweet, chocolately and gooey cakes, these brownies are for you. Serve for dessert with fresh berries, whipped cream or ice cream.

    Recipe by: Shanna

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    A simple, yet incredibly delicious cake, which is fruity and packed full of pecans. If you don't like pecans, you can use walnuts or chocolate chips. Enjoy thickly sliced.

    Recipe by: Leslie

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    A super-creamy icing, which is a cinch to make. It's flavoured with pecans, coconut and vanilla. Spread over any cake of your choice. It goes particulary well with chocolate cake.

    Recipe by: Marsha

    260 reviews

    This cake is guaranteed to please. Cranberries and pecans are baked under a moist sponge cake, then turned over before serving. Enjoy with whipped cream, if desired.

    Recipe by: Marjorita Whyte

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    This pumpkin bread is moist and delicious. Chocolate and pecans peek through slices of this beautiful orange loaf. It's perfect for afternoon tea, picnics and it's freezer friendly.

    Recipe by: Rachael D'Cameron

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    This is a family favourite. I used to have a bunch of coffee shops and this cheesecake was my best seller and people came from far and wide just for this. It's important to drizzle it with a little bit of maple syrup just before serving. It makes such a difference!

    Recipe by: beirina

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    A layer cake studded with pecans and sandwiched with maple buttercream icing. This was an idea I had with positive feedback from those who tried it.

    Recipe by: Melanie.

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