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For a tea time treat, try our poppy seed cake recipes. We've delicious lemon poppy seed loaf cakes, almond poppy seed cake and lots more.

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This is an easy recipe for two lovely lemon and poppy seed loaves. The yoghurt helps to keep these cakes deliciously moist! Enjoy as is with a cuppa, warm with butter. Or you can top these with a lovely lemon drizzle icing.

Recipe by: erimousch

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This recipe makes two lemon poppy seed loaves, one for now one for later! These are lovely tea cakes with delectable and delicate flavours, made even softer and fluffier with natural yoghurt. A treat for elevenses or afternoon tea.

Recipe by: IRENED

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This cake came about from an inspired moment when craving almonds. It's absolutely divine and has become an often requested recipe. One warning however, whenever I cook this cake it seems to disappear very quickly so make sure you get a slice. I've said the recipe serves 8 but it serves 6-8 depending on how much cake one likes at any sitting!

Recipe by: alexaw

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This cake is very light, tender and tasty. It's fun to make and fun to eat. Two layers of soured cream poppy seed cake, with a luscious lemon filling. Ice with a buttercream icing if desired.

Recipe by: Olga

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These luscious lemon poppy seed cupcakes are topped with a lemon curd and mascarpone icing. To make them into 'butterfly buns' for a girls' birthday party, follow the recipe and then see the footnote to assemble your 'butterflies'!

Recipe by: Maybe

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I came up with this recipe after trying a lot and every time I make it, everyone asks for a second serving. It's light, really moist and the poppy seeds work great with citrusy flavours. Hope you make and enjoy!

Recipe by: oceanus

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This lemon cake is utterly delicious. It's moist and packed full of lemony goodness. You need to plan ahead of time, as the cake needs to sit for one day. If you have any leftovers, it makes great toast.

Recipe by: MARBALET

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A Christmas favourite in Poland, you may have tried similar poppy seed cakes elsewhere in Eastern Europe. Enjoy with a hot cuppa.

Recipe by: gee

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Just a simple and delicious cake, chock-a-block with poppy seeds. The yoghurt ensures the cake is wonderfully moist.

Recipe by: Lucy

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Had an idea about this cake, so tried it and it worked. It's a light, fluffy, sweet lemony loaf with a lovely toasted seed crunch!

Recipe by: KevandWill

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