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Find easy chicken pie recipes here, for those nights when you need a warming, comforting supper ready in a flash!

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This is a wonderful yummy pie and very easy to make. Th puff pastry is shop bought, and the sauce is made with condensed soup.

Recipe by: chris81

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This chicken pie is very easy to make and is absolutely delicious. I often just use my roast chicken leftovers.

Recipe by: Nikkikitten

7 reviews

A puff pastry slice filled with chicken, mushrooms and a cheesy sauce. A tasty snack or serve with salad for a substantial lunch or dinner.

Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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This pie is a great way of making use of leftover chicken or turkey. Chicken and vegetables are baked with a white sauce under a layer of shortcrust pastry. Simple and delicious.

Recipe by: annef

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These individual savoury pasties are an easy and different way to use your chicken tikka leftovers!

Recipe by: sadieleemia

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Great way to use up leftover roast chicken or turkey - I haven't met anyone who doesn't enjoy this pie! It only requires pastry on top so save time by using frozen puff pastry. This pie has lots of vegetables already including leeks, peas, carrots and onions so simply serve with boiled or roast potatoes.

Recipe by: D. Phillips

25 reviews

Chicken and leek pie that is creamy, flaky and filling all in one! Shop-bought puff pastry makes this super easy. Use shortcrust or homemade pastry, if preferred. This pie freezes really well, too.

Recipe by: AMANDA FAIR

4 reviews

A real British dish - delicious, easy and different.

Recipe by: Merav Ross

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Chicken pie without having to make an 'actual' pie, saves a lot of time and hassle! The pie mixture is cooked, spooned onto plates, and topped with baked lids made of shopbought puff pastry.

Recipe by: Keri

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A fast and simple chicken pie for fussy eaters. Serve alongside some fresh veggies for a complete meal.

Recipe by: calarie182

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