Pear pies and tarts

    Pear pies and tarts make a wonderful alternative to apple, and honey-sweet pears make the perfect filling. Serve with ice cream or custard for a lovely end to a meal.

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    Autumn is a great time for making this classic French dessert, with an abundance of pears about please try this really easy but very impressive recipe. This is a rustic recipe, I have just halved and quartered the pears, took out the cores and that's it. I prefer to leave the skin on them, as you if eat the dish warm they just melt in your mouth, but you can if you wish remove the skin. You can though really go to town and make this a really pretty dish.

    Recipe by: andyh

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    This is a fantastic alternative to the traditional apple pie. It's a great way of making use of pears when in-season. A shortcrust pastry envelopes a sweet, slightly spiced pear filling. Enjoy with whipped cream, ice cream or custard. The perfect autumn treat for any time of the year.

    Recipe by: Vicki

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    A delicious alternative to the traditional apple pie. Pears are tossed with sugar, cinnamon, lemon zest and dotted with butter, before being baked in a shortcrust pastry. Serve as is, with sweetened whipped cream or ice cream.

    Recipe by: Carol

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    Pears make a delightful addition to the dessert table when they are in season. My favourite way to use them up is in this pear tart recipe.

    Recipe by: Julie

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    A great alternative to the traditional apple pie. A sweet pastry case is filled with sweetened pears, then topped with a sweetened, buttery and cheesy crumble. The Cheddar in this recipe complements the sweetness of the pears extremely well.

    Recipe by: MommaChef

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    Autumn is the time for pears, and what a better way to use your bounty than in a beautiful pear tart. Serve warmed with a little ice cream or a dollop of fresh cream.

    Recipe by: ntbella

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    Using the Hasselback method to thinly slice the pears makes this puff pastry tart look so elegant! It looks even better if you use the different coloured pears suggested in the recipe.

    Recipe by: Nicholio

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    Romantic, rich, indulgent. This is the perfect tart for Valentine's Day filled with a chocolate pastry cream and caramelised pears. You can make one large or two smaller tarts.

    Recipe by: alemarsi

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    This is our family's recipe for fresh pear pie topped with a brown sugar crumble. Serve it cool or warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Using freshly-grated nutmeg will make a difference.

    Recipe by: Ingrid F

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    Fresh apples and pears pair perfectly with cinnamon and a buttery pastry for the ultimate autumn dessert.

    Recipe by: RuthE

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