Leftover rice recipes (86)

    Find great recipe ideas for leftover rice including stuffed peppers, soups with rice, fried rice and easy rice pudding recipes.

    Top leftover rice recipes

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    Quick and easy. Cooked rice is fried with egg, onion, green beans and soy sauce. A perfect way to use up leftover rice.

    Recipe by: Krista B

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    Rice, grated Parmesan cheese, breadcrumbs and herbs are mixed together and formed into balls, then deep-fried until crisp and golden. Delicious! They make a tasty little starter or snack served with an Italian tomato and basil sauce. You can also use leftover rice.

    Recipe by: VINCE JONES

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    You can modify this recipe to include any veggies you choose. It's a great way to use up leftover rice.

    Recipe by: HERCATE

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    A good use for leftover rice. Can be served hot or cold.

    Recipe by: Jessie

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    Egg fried rice. Everybody's eaten it. Almost everybody likes it. A simple recipe for it is presented here, with a bit of chilli for spice.

    Recipe by: neerajbhople

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