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    A simple way to use up leftover chicken, as well as leftover rice or vegetables.

    Recipe by: APRIL42578

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    Easy stuffed peppers that are quick to make and very filling. This is also a great way to use leftover rice from a takeaway or last night's supper. For variation, add anything you like, including different types of mince or other chopped veg.

    Recipe by: jamesdm

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    A tasty Indonesian stir fry recipe combining vegetables, prawns and rice to create a delicious treat in a flavourful sauce! A great way to use up leftover rice.

    Recipe by: depfeffel

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    I love egg fried rice and it is a great accompaniment for any barbecued, or grilled meat or fish. I like it with chicken cooked in a hoisin sauce glaze. As long as you use cooked rice that has been cooled completely in the fridge for an hour or so, everything should work out fine.

    Recipe by: susierw

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    This is a great way of making use of any leftover rice. The rice is simply stir-fried with mushrooms, baby sweetcorn, carrots, peppers and peas. Totally easy and so delicious.

    Recipe by: Kairockz

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    This dish is a great way of making use of leftover rice. Scrambled eggs are stir-fried with cucumber and rice, then seasoned and served. Feel free to use oil instead of lard and substitute in any vegetables you prefer.

    Recipe by: Bing

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    A spicy fried rice with green chillies, fresh basil and coriander. You can also use pork fillet, bacon or prawns instead of chicken.

    Recipe by: MITCHNSTEVE

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    This light and simple tomato-based chicken soup with celery, carrot, spinach and white rice is a flavourful recipe perfect for a weeknight.

    Recipe by: Otterpond

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    Along with kimchi, bibimbap takes its place among the most popular foods in Korean cuisine. In the Korean household, it's a traditional way of using up rice and leftovers. Literally meaning 'mixed rice,' it's rice with stir fried vegetables, strips of beef, flavoured with a spicy pepper paste and topped with a fried egg. Delicious!

    Recipe by: mykoreaneats

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    A quick and easy dish! Can also be made with pasta - both are really tasty. This is a great way to use up leftover rice if you don't have the quick pre-steamed wok rice to hand, and you can adjust the seasonings to taste - add additional veg, if desired.

    Recipe by: sharon210

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