Asparagus quiche

    When local asparagus is in season, an asparagus quiche is a perfect way to enjoy this springtime gem. We have loads of easy asparagus quiche recipes here.

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    This delicious symphony of asparagus, Portabellini mushrooms, bacon and onion will leave your taste buds hungry for more. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: GRITS:Girl Raised In The South

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    A delectable combination of ingredients that result in a tasty quiche. Using a shop bought pastry case makes it unbelievably easy.

    Recipe by: Michele O'Sullivan

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    How do you get the rich taste of a classic quiche with a fraction of the fat? One technique: make the case with thinly sliced potatoes. It's a heart-smart substitute for traditional shortcrust!

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    Using shop bought pastry makes this quiche quite easy to make. I love this in spring when British asparagus is in season.

    Recipe by: kristen

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    I love this quiche recipe, it makes a beautiful presentation. I use prosciutto di Parma and Comté cheese for this recipe, but you can do it with any ham and any other hard cheese.

    Recipe by: mimichette

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    A hearty asparagus quiche with bacon and a puff pastry base. You can use green or white asparagus, or a combination of the two.

    Recipe by: Chantal

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    I prefer to make this asparagus quiche with a puff pastry base but you could use shortcrust pastry if you prefer.

    Recipe by: Chantal

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    A crunchy buttery base and a creamy filling make the perfect balance for a tasty spring quiche. Serve as starter or as a main dish.

    Recipe by: tea

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    This lovely asparagus and prosciutto quiche is full of simple yet powerful flavours making this a tasty option for an easy supper and great served alongside a fresh salad for a complete meal.

    Recipe by: Annika

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    Asparagus, ham and mushrooms are a great combination in a quiche! Serve with a crisp green salad. If the asparagus tips are thick - you can cook them for a few minutes before arranging them in the pastry case.

    Recipe by: MarlowMethodistChurch

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