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    This is a Thai take on sweet and sour chicken. Chicken is stir-fried with garlic, onions, green peppers and pineapple, before being simmered in a sweet and sour sauce. Serve with freshly cooked rice.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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    Old Saint Delia Smith recipe: very nice, a bit too sloppy, so I gave it my own twist and changed it up a little.

    Recipe by: tyler5758

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    A simple stir fry dish, combining chicken, rice noodles, scrambled egg and bean sprouts. You can substitute the chicken for sliced pork, beef or tofu. Garnish with crushed peanuts, chopped spring onions and a wedge of lemon.

    Recipe by: TRANSMONICON

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    My family loved ordering this dish at our local Thai restaurant, but then they closed down for some unknown reason (they were always busy). So I decided to recreate this traditional dish at home. My husband says it's just like the restaurant...maybe even better? Please note that some people like to eat the ginger, while others don't but like the flavour it gives. You can easily double this recipe to serve a larger it makes great leftovers.

    Recipe by: Shae's Mama

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    Malaysian cuisine is a bit of Indian, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian mixed together. This Malaysian curry is delicious and very quick, and can be adapted chilli wise whether you like it spicy or mild. Serve hot with basmati rice.

    Recipe by: 999cameron

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    A delicious Thai green coconut curry recipe. Chicken is marinated, pan-seared and then simmered with a green coconut curry sauce. Serve with freshly cooked white rice.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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    This stir-fry dish is both spicy and aromatic. Add more green curry paste if you dare. Try it with prawns or scallops for a change. Serve with jasmine rice instead of noodles if you prefer.

    Recipe by: SAJA2003

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    Thai chicken with coconut and basil

    Recipe by: nmgill

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    This simple recipe makes a tasty stir fry using ingredients you're likely to already have in your cupboards, so there's no need to shop for any special ingredients. The vegetables I've listed are suggestions only - it will work with whatever you have to hand.

    Recipe by: nams

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    This Thai chicken fried rice is deliciously spicy, but if you prefer your food milder, use less chillies. It's a great way of using up leftover rice. The star of the dish is the Thai sweet basil, it has a completely different flavour to Italian basil.

    Recipe by: ErinInVegas

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