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Find delicious homemade cream of chicken soup recipes that you can make from scratch with leftover chicken.

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Packed with chicken and vegetables, this thick and creamy chicken soup is a must during the winter. It'll warm you up right down to your toes!

Recipe by: FREEGK

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A rich and flavoursome creamy chicken soup makes a fabulous lunch served with crispy bread. It is essential to use a really strong, homemade chicken stock for this recipe to give the soup a full flavour.

Recipe by: MaryFlanagan

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Tinned soup can be so high in salt. This is why I invented this recipe, for a healthier and tastier alternative. It makes around 1 litre and is perfect on its own or in casseroles.

Recipe by: BabyDollPie

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The best thing about making homemade cream of chicken soup is that you can control the amount of salt that goes into it!

Recipe by: MARBALET

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This deliciously creamy soup uses a whole chicken, celery, onion, mushrooms and wild rice. The perfect all-in-one soup.

Recipe by: Thomas

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This soup has the perfect combination of spiciness, creaminess and cheesiness. It's thick, hearty and packed full of flavour. Chicken is simmered in a spicy creamy soup base. Enjoy with crusty fresh bread.

Recipe by: pmvbc

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This tastes much better than anything you buy in a tin! It's a great way to use up a chicken carcass that still has a few pieces of chicken on it - but not enough to use in something else.

Recipe by: margaret_fullington

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This cream of chicken soup is ideal as a light meal or as a warming starter. Serve with some warm crusty bread on the side.

Recipe by: j.hopkins

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This delightful chicken and cucumber soup is perfect for a light lunch or as a starter for a relaxed family meal. Enjoy with some fresh crusty bread.

Recipe by: DanaT

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