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Find deliciously different homemade red pesto recipes made using sun dried tomatoes or red peppers. Use it on pizza, in pasta or on chicken.

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Sun-dried tomatoes are blended with fresh herbs, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil and Parmesan. Fabulous with pasta, on pizza and in sandwiches.


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A basic recipe for basil and sun-dried tomato pesto. Came across this recipe some time ago I think it's the best pesto around. You can add more sun-dried tomatoes if you want it more tomato-y, or fewer if you want a greener pesto.

Recipe by: david999

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This versatile pesto can be served over pasta or in sandwiches.

Recipe by: Shaun

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The combination of sun-dried tomatoes, basil, garlic and mushrooms makes this vegetarian pasta dish a favourite in our family.

Recipe by: JFOCHTMAN

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This recipe uses red peppers, black pepper, dried chillis and lots of Parmesan cheese, but less basil than most pesto recipes. The predominant flavour is sweet red pepper. It's excellent toasted with bread under the grill or tossed with pasta. The pesto keeps up to 3 days in the fridge.

Recipe by: mushythedestroyer

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Sun-dried tomatoes and a spicy chilli pepper make this almond pesto a lot more exciting! Use this red pesto sauce to make an easy pasta dish that's ready in a flash.

Recipe by: Erinn

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Very easy and fast sun-dried tomato pesto that's great with pasta or grilled chicken. You can spice this up with paprika or chilli (just a little), if you prefer some heat.

Recipe by: wims recipes

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The secret ingredient is butter! I add a little bit to this "pesto rosso" with sun dried tomatoes and basil, to give it an extra rich flavour.

Recipe by: Krenzlich

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This is my version of red pesto without pine nuts. It's really good with pasta or spread on slices of crusty bread for a quick summer starter.

Recipe by: Jenny Crocker

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Because I had no fresh basil at the time, I used rocket instead to make a chunky red pesto sauce with sun dried tomatoes. It turned out really tasty.

Recipe by: Karin50

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