Carrot potato soup

    Find lots of recipes for carrot and potato soup, including a spicy curried carrot and potato soup, creamy sweet potato and carrot soup and more.

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    This is a family favourite! A creamy carrot and potato soup flavoured with fresh thyme. The kids love it, too!

    Recipe by: Jennifer

    263 reviews

    Carrots, potatoes, onion and cabbage are simmered together, then pureed to make this super-easy vegetable soup. It's delicious served with soured cream and a crusty roll.

    Recipe by: Dan

    79 reviews

    A beautiful thick soup with bright orange colour and a hint of exotic spice. Perfect for autumn! Serve with a spoonful of yoghurt and a sprig of fresh coriander for garnish.

    Recipe by: Twinkeroo

    9 reviews

    The flavours of fresh and ground coriander give this filling soup extra bite.

    Recipe by: Brenda Houghton

    19 reviews

    This vegetable soup is hearty and packed full of flavour. Potatoes and carrots are simmered together, then pureed and blended with Cheddar cheese, before being garnished with fresh parsley. Perfect when served with fresh crusty bread.

    Recipe by: Dev

    3 reviews

    An easily modifiable winter soup with sweet potato, pepper and carrots. The chilli and garam masala give a kick to the veg, and it's a soup that you can use for any occasion to show off your cooking!!

    Recipe by: rachel90210

    12 reviews

    I developed this recipe after spending sometime in Fiji where I fell in love with their way of cooking.

    Recipe by: William Anatooskin

    67 reviews

    This is a nice light soup that is best served with warm bread and a fresh salad.

    Recipe by: CATIE

    1 review

    This soup is so creamy yet has no cream! The starch from the potato makes it oh so creamy and scrumptious...guilt free pleasure for your tummy!

    Recipe by: cheekycookie

    59 reviews

    This pureed soup is good, that it'll make your taste buds sing with delight. Enjoy with crusty fresh bread, if desired. It's the perfect soup to be enjoyed during the cold winter days.

    Recipe by: GIANNADAWN

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