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We've got recipes for broccoli and Stilton soup, celery and Stilton soup, red lentil and Stilton soup and many more featuring this deliciously creamy blue cheese.

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Delicious with the salty tang of Stilton. Serve with fresh baguette.


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If you love blue cheese, this highly flavoured celery soup is for you. Celery is simmered with Stilton and then pureed until smooth. Serve with crumbled Stilton and crusty bread.

Recipe by: Sarah Lai

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Carrots give a slightly sweet edge to this thick, smooth soup, which contains delicious pockets of melted blue cheese. All you need with it is some crusty bread to make a satisfying and nutritious main course.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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Warming on a cold day. This slow cooker cauliflower and Stilton cheese soup is delicious served with some warm crusty bread.

Recipe by: fritz4floss

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Here is a fresh blended broccoli and Stilton soup that is smooth and hearty that can be used as the centrepiece of a casual meal or at an elegant dinner party.

Recipe by: JohnnyDigby

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The key to this deliciously creamy soup is the Stilton cheese. Potatoes are simmered with cauliflower, then pureed and blended with cream, milk and Stilton. Enjoy with crusty baguettes.

Recipe by: Sean Semone

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A yummy hot soup with mushrooms, spinach and Stilton cheese. Use homemade chicken stock, or try veg stock to make a vegetarian soup.

Recipe by: AngelicaAngelKray

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If you love avocados, you will love this avocado soup. It's a creamy soup made from fresh avocadoes and tasty blue Stilton cheese. Just five ingredients combine to make a soup that is very richly flavoured.

Recipe by: hippychick

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This creamy soup has a generous portion of Stilton cheese. No need to puree it if you mince the onions finely. The bay leaf is optional but I think it adds a nice flavour.

Recipe by: jean.isacke

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A smooth and deeply satisfying winter soup. Fenland celery is in season late October to December and is much paler than the normal green celery. It tastes a little sweeter and has a nutty flavour.

Recipe by: jean.isacke

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