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    Find fab halibut recipes here, from barbecued halibut steaks to poached halibut. This meaty fish is delicious when prepared simply with just a few ingredients. Check out our entire fish collection for more ideas.

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    This dish melts in your mouth. The credit goes to my future mother-in-law. Not only does it taste gorgeous, but halibut is a sustainably sourced fish. Each halibut fillet should be approximately an inch thick. Substitute crème fraîche for the double cream for a lighter dish.

    Recipe by: Susan W.

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    The flaky filo pastry crust keeps the halibut moist and delicious. For a nicer presentation, cut halibut in half at an angle before placing on sauce.

    Recipe by: JAYDA

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    The citrus marinade used in this recipe is made with sprigs of fresh marjoram. One or two hours of marinating is all that is required: a longer period affects the texture of the fish.

    Recipe by: Christine L.

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    A quick sauce makes a plain white fish fillet so much tastier! Serve with poached, grilled or pan-fried fish.

    Recipe by: Baje

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    A light, refreshing and incredibly delicious barbecued fish dish. Halibut is seasoned with lime juice, grilled on the barbecue and served with a lime, garlic and coriander butter.

    Recipe by: serenadelorenzo

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