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    This tried and tested seafood chowder is thick, creamy and rustic. Serve with some crusty bread for cleaning the bowl.

    Recipe by: Mary

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    This lovely smoked haddock chowder is quite light in texture and not too dense and thick. Full of a lovely smoky flavour resonating from the fish and bacon. Don't forget the crusty bread for mopping up afterwards.

    Recipe by: MaryDavies

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    This is a creamy soup featuring scallops. Perfect as a starter. The soup is flavoured with white wine, mushrooms and spring onion, then topped with grated Gruyere cheese.

    Recipe by: Shirley

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    A creamy fish chowder full of flavour! So warming in the winter, served with a big loaf of crusty bread. You can make it with skimmed milk, if you like. But it won't taste as creamy.

    Recipe by: MyVintageMommy

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    This supremely delicious scallop chowder is an excellent starter for the festive season. If you are not keen on scallops or something else is on offer, this recipe can also be made with other types of seafood.

    Recipe by: Kathy J. Bourdess

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    This soup is lusciously thick and delicious. Vegetables are simmered with clams and crab meat in a creamy potato soup base. It's the perfect soup for the cold winter months. For a creamier soup, use cream instead of milk.


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    This is a delicious chowder made with a potato soup base. Clams are simmered with onion, celery, potatoes, carrots and cream. It's the perfect winter soup to be enjoyed all year round.

    Recipe by: PIONEERGIRL

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    This delicious creamy seafood soup will warm you up on the coldest day. Perfect for a special lunchtime treat it will also impress at a dinner party.

    Recipe by: Cupcakehoney

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    This soup is so quick and easy to prepare, you won't believe it. Simply pop all the ingredients into a slow cooker and leave it for 6 hours. When you return, you will be greeted with a delicious chowder. Enjoy during the cold winter months.

    Recipe by: MB the Harlequin

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    A super-easy recipe for clam and potato soup. It's the perfect comfort food for the winter months. Potatoes are simmered with celery, clams and single cream. Serve with crusty fresh bread.

    Recipe by: BABYBLUEUT

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