Spicy pumpkin soup

    Looking for pumpkin soup with a kick? We've loads of spicy pumpkin soup recipes with a hint of chilli, curry or spice to spice up your autumn nights!

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    This is a spicy Thai variety of our favourite pumpkin soup. You can make it mild or spicy by using different types of chillies. A quick and easy supper that's perfect for autumn!

    Recipe by: BRIGIT

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    This creamy pureed soup is perfect for the cold winter months. It's spiced with curry powder, allspice and ginger. Serve with fresh crusty bread.

    Recipe by: elisabeth

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    The season for delicious Spanish persimmons is here. This refreshingly sweet fruit is available in Tesco, Morrison’s and Asda stores during their short season from October until December.

    Recipe by: Ashredcomm

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    Enjoy this spicy pumpkin soup at Halloween. Carve the pumpkin shell into a spooky-looking lantern, and use the scooped-out flesh to make the soup.

    Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

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    This warming vegan pumpkin soup tastes impossibly creamy.

    Recipe by: PHARMERGIRL

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    A deliciously creamy and lightly spiced soup. Change the level of spiciness by adjusting the amount of curry powder. You can also make this soup creamier by using double cream instead of single. Serve with fresh crusty bread. The perfect winter warmer.

    Recipe by: Mary Ingram

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    This delicious winter soup is a cinch to make. Pumpkin is simmered in chicken stock, pureed and seasoned with ginger, curry powder, sugar and cream.

    Recipe by: MichaR

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    Perfect for a cold winters day with that little kick. Slow cooker on in the morning, perfect when you get home.

    Recipe by: lukecath

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    A super-tasty soup, which is quick and easy to make. Pureed pumpkin is simmered with chilli powder and hot pepper sauce, before being served with a chilli-spiked soured cream. Enjoy with crusty bread, if desired.

    Recipe by: JENNANGEL

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    This is a super-tasty pumpkin soup. The added apples brings a certain sweetness to the soup and has a great affinity with the pumpkin and curry. Serve with a dollop of soured cream or plain yoghurt.

    Recipe by: Debbe Hallborg

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