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Sponge puddings

Tuck into a simple but inviting sponge pudding - we have classic recipes as well as some new twists.

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A very simple microwave sponge pudding in less than 15 minutes with a texture between a sponge and a steamed pudding. Flavour it by adding raspberry jam, treacle or golden syrup to the bottom of the final bowl. Serve hot with custard.

Recipe by: BUTTERCUP8

8 reviews

A lovely, warming banana sponge pudding with warm toffee sauce. I ask about for new cake recipes and this was one my gran thought I deserved to have. It's turned upside down when removed from the oven. It is delicious served with cream or custard.

Recipe by: joshscrivener

5 reviews

This is an old family recipe that originates from Yorkshire.

Recipe by: Tricia Scoffield

4 reviews

This is my first recipe that I've posted. As the title suggests. Its an apple and sultana sponge pudding. A bit on the lines of an eves pudding. It's quick, easy and beautiful served with custard, cream or ice cream. Or just enjoy on its own. Your choice.

Recipe by: shaun89

4 reviews

This is a perfect pudding recipe when you want a fix for your sweet tooth and simply can't wait. A delicately spiced banana sponge pudding that's quick to make and even quicker to eat!

Recipe by: chimpchef

4 reviews

This all-in-one sponge pudding made with canned plums makes a comforting storecupboard dessert for a cold, gloomy day.

Recipe by: Maggie Pannell

2 reviews

A simple chocolate sponge pudding, steamed to perfection. Serve with cream, chocolate sauce or chocolate custard.

Recipe by: AnnieP

1 review

Made with any flavour jam you have to hand, this is a simple and heart-warming steamed pudding that is always a favourite.

Recipe by: Maryb

No reviews

Very simple steamed sponge. Made in an electric steamer. YES it worked. I didn't want to put the oven on just to make a little sponge so tried this, I can't believe it worked out so delicious. Also very quick.

Recipe by: pamwam

2 reviews

A luscious orangy steamed pudding. The tangy flavour of this dessert coupled with custard, makes a perfect ending to a summer dinner! The best part is that you can make the pudding in advance, freeze it for up to 2 months - then thaw and steam it for about 45 mins, until thoroughly hot!

Recipe by: princess_Delkie

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