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    Make a classic apple strudel with our easy recipes. We have filo pastry apple strudels for a lighter version, or classic puff pastry versions, too.

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    This is a quick recipe for an apple strudel, using shop-bought puff pastry and fresh apples. Sure to impress. Just right for an afternoon snack or a spontaneous gossip gathering with friends over tea or coffee.

    Recipe by: Claudia_Meilinger

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    This quick and easy apple strudel recipe is ready in a flash, and is also a wee bit healthier than other versions thanks to using filo pastry instead of puff pastry. Enjoy for a quick dessert or weekend treat!

    Recipe by: Magda

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    A really easy version of apple strudel! Just defrost some shop bought puff pastry and wrap it around the filling.

    Recipe by: nt_bella

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    These cinnamon apple strudels are great after a long tiring day. Serve with custard or cream or try making them with pears instead of apples.

    Recipe by: j.hopkins

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    This is the result of an experiment because I was somewhat tired of apple strudel with raisins, but'd wanted to have an ingredient that lent the filling a bit of bite: dried cranberries! This recipe is for 2 small strudels.

    Recipe by: anton

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    A sweet last minute apple strudel. Delicious is served warm with vanilla ice cream.

    Recipe by: irenecolosimo

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    My mum got this recipe from German chefs at a local food festival. The trick is to roll out the pastry as thinly as possible.

    Recipe by: olenka

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    This is the recipe to make strudel pastry from scratch, for a sweet or savoury filling. The pastry has to rest in a warm place in order to get soft and be very thinly stretched.

    Recipe by: FrancescaM

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    This recipe is my take on apple strudel using filo pastry and creating mini tarts with apple, cinnamon and raisins.

    Recipe by: nt-bella

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    Using ready rolled filo pastry is the quickest way to make apple strudel. In Austria, the traditional strudel filling is apples, nuts and raisins but you can change it to your liking. I've eaten all types of strudels - with cherries, pears and pistachios, almonds, and even chocolate. Thank you to my friend Sylvia's mum for her recipe.

    Recipe by: crinstit

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