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    Find recipes for veal saltimbocca, osso bucco, veal stew, veal and mushroom stroganoff, breaded veal escalopes and many more recipes using this tender meat.

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    The tomato and white wine sauce keeps the meat tender and moist. Fresh sage and rosemary can be added for even more flavour.

    Recipe by: MNKENNEY

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    Tender pieces of veal are coated in flour, lightly fried and served with a rich, smooth wine sauce.

    Recipe by: TLYONS

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    Also known as osso buco, veal shanks are pan-seared, then slow cooked with vegetables in a beef stock until the meat falls off the bone. Enjoy with mashed potatoes.

    Recipe by: PICKLEDPOSSUM

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    Authentic Wiener schnitzel is not difficult to prepare and only requires a few ingredients. The key to a truly delicious crisp schnitzel is thinly pounded veal cutlets with a few incisions along the edge so they won't curl during frying (a great trick!), and a breading that has just the right thickness.

    Recipe by: Michaela

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    Veal is cooked until tender with mushrooms, carrots and shallots in a stout-based gravy.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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