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    Find easy and delicious recipes for Chinese roast duck, including Peking duck with lusciously crispy skin.

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    This is a cheats recipe of making Peking duck. It requires little effort and is exceptionally tasty. Serve with rice or shredded, with pancakes, spring onions, cucumber and plum sauce.

    Recipe by: Allison

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    Marinated duck legs are cooked with star anise, five-spice, soy sauce, cinnamon, chillies, plums and pears. The result is a sweet, savoury and super-tender duck dish. Enjoy with freshly cooked rice.

    Recipe by: cphannah

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    Now you can make Hong Kong style BBQ duck at home with this easy to follow recipe. This takes a long time to make but once you have made it a couple of times it gets easy. Instead of the S hook, I found a wonderful chicken roasting stand to use and it does just as good a job.

    Recipe by: antstorm

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    Duck is notoriously fatty, but this method of cooking cuts down drastically on the amount of fat you eat with the meat. For a deliciously healthy meal start with a refreshing salad, then follow with the duck served with spicy or plain rice or noodles and stir-fried mixed vegetables with bean sprouts for extra colour and crunch.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    Impress your friends with this simple, but mouth-wateringly delicious dinner party dish. Shredded duck tops leafy greens with a hoisin and toasted sesame oil dressing.

    Recipe by: BritishLeafySaladsAssociation

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    Slowly roasted duck leg meat is chopped, fried up in duck fat until crispy, then served in lettuce 'cups' with chopped cucumber, spring onions and sesame seeds. Since this is something that can be made well ahead of time, it works nicely for large groups. Just simply reheat, and crisp up the skin before serving.

    Recipe by: Chef John

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    Crisp, stir-fried sugarsnap peas make a fresh contrast with soft noodles and rich, roasted duck served with a quick-and-easy sauce of honey, soy sauce and lime juice. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Jan Cutler

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    Traditional Cantonese crispy whole duck takes some time to prepare, but most of that time is resting time. It is not at all difficult, and truly scrumptious.

    Recipe by: vickie

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    This is an easy to follow recipe for Peking duck, perfect for your next homemade Chinese dinner. This Chinese speciality is basted and air dried before being roasted in the oven, resulting in tender meat and a nice crispy skin. Enjoy with pancakes, slices of cucumber, spring onions and plum sauce.

    Recipe by: jean.isacke

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