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Roast leg of pork is a prized roasting joint, and we have loads of roast pork leg recipes that include cooking times and tips.

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A very easy glaze for roast pork that crisps up beautifully. Delicious with roasted vegetables and apple sauce.

Recipe by: Christine L.

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This is my favourite roast pork recipe. I serve it with roasties, homemade chunky apple sauce and broad beans.

Recipe by: Teresa

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Marinated overnight in honey, soy sauce, sherry, orange juice and spices, this moist roast pork is full of your favourite Asian flavours. Use the leftovers for Asian-inspired wraps or a stir-fry the next night.

Recipe by: SueLee

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This traditional Mexican recipe for roast leg of pork is a festive Christmas centrepiece that's a beautiful alternative to ham or turkey. Enjoy at Christmas or for any special occasion!

Recipe by: Anamaria

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An easy roast pork leg with a sweet and tangy sauce made from blackberries, jam and red wine vinegar. A hint of rosemary gives the dish a savoury twist.

Recipe by: HollyF

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An easy and simple roast pork leg with fresh rosemary, lemon zest and garlic. Perfect for Sunday dinner!

Recipe by: RMLovesToCook

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This African-inspired roasted pork leg is full of exotic flavour thanks to harissa, oregano, caraway, cumin and turmeric.

Recipe by: Monica

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An unusual and delicious combination of cumin and coffee make this roast pork leg a treat for any occasion. The best part about this recipe is that it uses simple ingredients and is so easy to prepare!

Recipe by: Nanette

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Three types of mustard are all used in this savoury glaze for roast pork leg. Use fresh, unseasoned chicken stock for best results.

Recipe by: MrsClarkson

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