Find both traditional and bread machine recipes for this beautiful plaited Jewish bread. We also have sweeter challah bread recipes that are more typical for Rosh Hashanah and Purim.

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This rich egg bread is easy to prepare in a bread machine, but the traditional plaited look is preserved when it is baked in the oven.

Recipe by: Ione Walker

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Traditional egg bread for the Jewish Sabbath. You can add sultanas to the dough just before shaping and then make the loaves into round plaits for Rosh Hashanah.

Recipe by: Joan Callaway

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This recipe never fails for me and is well worth the time it takes to make. If you prefer your bread to be a little sweeter, you could double the sugar.

Recipe by: Sy Dolnick

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Challah is a traditional Jewish plaited bread eaten on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, except for Passover, when leavened bread forbidden. This easy recipe uses a bread machine. I use the "light" setting on my bread machine.

Recipe by: Suzy

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This recipe is a sweeter version of the classic challah. It was given to me by a friend.

Recipe by: Rivka

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Absolutely delicious. I have a 1kg bread machine and use it to make the Challah dough. It freezes well.

Recipe by: Marylyn Pisseri

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These pretty braided loaves are of Jewish origin. They are sweetened with honey and enriched with eggs. It's so good that everyone will love it.


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This challah recipe is made a little easier with the help of your bread machine, as it does the kneading for you! Perfect for Shabbat or Rosh Hashanah. Don't be tempted to bake this dough in the machine, however - there is too much fully-risen dough for the machine to accommodate.

Recipe by: Tzelish

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Challah is a traditional Jewish bread recognised by the beautiful plaiting of the dough. Serve warm or allow to cool before enjoying.

Recipe by: kajol15

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My Shabbat Challah is something out of this world. I made it up on my own, because the ones I tasted, I just didn't like. Try it you will love it!! This can make 6 regular sized loaves, or two large plaited loaves.

Recipe by: NUNU123182

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