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    Find hundreds of recipes to highlight summer's sweet plump berries and currants. From triple berry crumble to gooseberry jam - you're sure to find a recipe that berries deserve.

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    49 reviews

    A rich reward for picking your way through the thorny brambles! Use your choice of fresh raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and/or chopped pitted cherries. If you don't want to use alcohol, you may substitute orange juice.

    Recipe by: JJOHN32

    4 reviews

    A green spinach smoothie, served in a bowl and topped with lots of nutritious goodies like almonds, chia seeds and fresh berries. Perfect for a quick and healthy breakfast.

    Recipe by: Lindsey

    1 review

    This is an extraordinary brownie recipe. The brownie layer is topped with a gorgeous layer of cream cheese and then your favourite berries. Fresh or frozen berries are equally delicious. If you don't like macadamia nuts, walnuts are a nice substitution.

    Recipe by: ChefkochNorman

    35 reviews

    Cornmeal gives this cake a lovely colour, flavour and texture. The addition of yoghurt and fresh strawberries makes it nice and moist.

    Recipe by: Jen

    9652 reviews

    These muffins are extra large and very delicious. I usually double the recipe and fill the muffin tin to the very top to get huge coffee shop sized muffins. Of couse, you can make 12 normal sized muffins if you prefer. Add extra blueberries too, if you want!

    Recipe by: Colleen

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