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    Finesse your French patisserie skills with this collection of choux pastry recipes including choux buns and profiteroles, chocolate eclair cake, the perfect Paris Brest choux ring and a stunning croquembouche tower! Find recipes for gougeres with savoury fillings and gluten free choux pastry, too.

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    This is a basic choux pastry recipe for eclairs or profiteroles. It will make enough for a 20cm (8 inch) choux ring or 5 - 6 choux buns. Follow the individual recipe instructions for methods of use and baking.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    A basic choux pastry recipe that's easy to follow! Fill the pastries with sweetened whipped cream and top with glossy dark chcocolate and you will have succeeded in making your own eclairs.

    Recipe by: ntbella

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    Profiteroles are made with a rich egg pastry called choux, then baked in a hot oven so they puff up. I fill mine with a rose water flavoured cream, then drizzled with a rich, but easy to make chocolate sauce. You can use the same recipe to make eclairs - you will just need a piping bag to create the shape. Heavenly!

    Recipe by: CELTICKIM

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    This is a classic French recipe for a towering display of choux buns, filled with a thick creme patissiere and drizzled with caramel. Perfect for a non-traditional wedding cake or a very special occasion. Decorate as you like - I used pink marzipan roses and chocolate hearts because this one was for my friend's wedding.

    Recipe by: sheryneshayma

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    Choux pastries made in the shape of small fishes are filled with a light mousse of both fresh and smoked salmon.

    Recipe by: christlor

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