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Find lentil salad recipes that are nutritious, filling and delicious! From Puy lentil salad to lentil and feta salad, we have loads of recipes to try.

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A colourful, spicy salad or side dish. It also makes a great vegetarian lunch.

Recipe by: Hetal

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Roasted butternut squash and halloumi salad with pine nuts, beans and couscous or lentils. Healthy but super yummy! This is a fab accompaniment to a BBQ or gorgeous as a light summer supper. Super easy and cheap.

Recipe by: MrsGPie

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This salad is fantastic as a starter or a side dish, as there is a huge variety of flavours. You can also use green or brown lentils in this salad but Puy lentils seem to deliver more flavour, colour and texture. And you can also vary the types of salad leaves used, such as mixed leaves which taste very nice with the feta.

Recipe by: coffeybean246

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This is a deliciously healthy and filling salad. The lentils are cooked with garlic and lemon plus a pinch of cumin, then dressed while warm. Mixed peppers and broccoli florets add colour, and the salad is finished with dried apricots, goat's cheese and toasted sunflower seeds. Serve with toasted pitta bread.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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This is a delicious lentil salad, that keeps very well in the fridge.

Recipe by: jen

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This is fast, healthy and tastes good! We love olives but you might want to add fewer if you prefer.

Recipe by: KIMDEB

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Large flakes of peppered smoked mackerel, sprigs of watercress and thick slices of juicy, sweet pear make an exciting combination, and they work well with earthy, nutty-textured Puy lentils in a lime and honey dressing. Serve with Melba toast or wholemeal bread for a starter that will set tastebuds tingling.

Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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This lentil salad is packed full of flavour and perfect for packed lunches or summer picnics. It's full of fibre, so it's nutritious and delicious.

Recipe by: sabine

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This is a filling and healthy lentil salad made with brown lentils, carrots and tomatoes. Perfect for lunch or a vegetarian supper.

Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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This salad is a meal in one bowl. It's light and packed full of flavour. Orzo pasta is tossed with lentils, olives, feta cheese and fresh herbs. It's perfect for summer barbecues.

Recipe by: KAGRECO

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