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    This is a quick and easy curry made with chicken, courgette, red pepper and carrot. Coconut milk and curry paste make an irresistible sauce. No need to order in, as this dish is ready in about 20 minutes!


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    Smooth and delicious beef and potato curry with peanuts. I created a slow-cooker version of this famous Thai dish. This is easy to cook and does not take much time to prepare. It goes well with a jasmine rice and steamed veggies as a side.

    Recipe by: noogie01

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    Moist, gingery cubes of chicken breast and colourful crunchy vegetables are grilled on traditional wooden skewers and served with a peanut sauce in this version of the popular Indonesian snack. Wedges of lime are included on the skewers so the hot juice can be squeezed over the cooked chicken just before eating.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    When I was in Australia for a year, I lived above a Thai restaurant. They made the best green curry I've ever tasted. I was a regular customer and I managed to persuade the chef to let me know how he made the curry. I've adapted it slightly to bring down the heat but it's still got a nice kick to it. Apparently the paste will keep in the fridge for up to 4 months! This one uses prawns but feel free to use chicken.

    Recipe by: heymrleej

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    Why go out for Thai when you can make it at home? This delicious Thai-style chicken satay recipe calls for chicken marinated in a peanut, soy and citrus sauce. Perfect for a party.

    Recipe by: BROWNYN

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      BBQ chicken satay
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      Chicken pad Thai
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      Nuoc cham (Vietnamese dipping sauce)
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      Thai prawn coconut soup
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      Thai red chicken curry

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