Popcorn isn't just a healthy snack, it can be used in loads of fun and tasty treats, from caramel popcorn to popcorn cakes. Check out our popcorn recipes for inspiration!

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    Fun 'cake' for children!

    Recipe by: Johnna

    222 reviews

    If you love peanut butter and popcorn you'll love this! Definitely for the sweet tooth though!

    Recipe by: PEYTANSMOM

    59 reviews

    This is a deliciously sweet and buttery snack. Popcorn is coated in a warm mixture of sweetened butter, then allowed to cool before consuming. Be warned - this stuff is addictive!

    Recipe by: CORY13

    18 reviews

    Chocolate, crunchy, light. Perfect for snacking. Great for kiddie parties. Very easy and quick recipe.

    Recipe by: FABFELDMANNS

    20 reviews

    These popcorn balls are a fantastic incarnation of rocky road. Popcorn, peanuts, chocolate chips and marshmallows combine for a sweet, sweet treat. Perfect Halloween or Bonfire Night treat.

    Recipe by: SweetBasil

    12 reviews

    This is a wonderful cake that the kids will love. It's sweet, crispy, crunchy and chewy. Popcorn is tossed with jelly tots, peanuts, melted marshmallows and butter, then allowed to set. It's the perfect cake for children's birthday parties.

    Recipe by: AUTUMN/FALL

    75 reviews

    The perfect sweet treat for Halloween. Melted marshmallows and popcorn are coloured orange, then shaped into pumpkin shapes with a liquorice stalk. They are sweet, crunchy and chewy.

    Recipe by: ALETA1314

    177 reviews

    You will never go back microwave popcorn after trying this recipe for the hob. It is made with oil, margarine and salt.

    Recipe by: Goodfooddaddy

    398 reviews

    A different way to serve popcorn! Popcorn is blended with a mixture of golden syrup, margarine, cold water, sugar and marshmallows, before being rolled into balls.

    Recipe by: TABKAT

    7 reviews

    Position yourself in your favourite chair, with your favourite movie and enjoy a big bowl of this delicious popcorn. Popcorn is tossed in a sweet and buttery melted caramel.

    Recipe by: chorazy

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