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    Oxtail is full of flavour and melts in the mouth. Find recipes featuring oxtail, including oxtail soup, oxtail ragu and lots more.

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    This is a rich, rustic stew that's typically served with rigatoni pasta. It requires a long cooking time but the rich flavour is worth it. The meat should be falling off the bone. You can make it the day before, remove any solidified fat, and reheat it.

    Recipe by: Erinn

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    This is a traditional Jamaican dish I was taught to cook by my grandmother.

    Recipe by: sunflowerBirmingham

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    Bone broth is popular for its health properties, but I also like it for its rich, soothing, savoury flavour when added to simple soups or stews.

    Recipe by: MargeP

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    Perfect for slow cooker. Trim fat from oxtail before cooking, otherwise the meal will end up swimming in fat!

    Recipe by: mummakaye

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    Famous in the south of Spain, this is simple to make and perfect in autumn and winter.

    Recipe by: jetman

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    This is an Italian dish of Roman origins. This meal should be rich in oxtail – I found out a little too late. Be sure to increase the amount of oxtail in this recipe by an extra pound or so.

    Recipe by: paigetheblogger

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    This beef soup is jam-packed full of flavour. Stewing steak is simmered with oxtail, vegetables, lentils and rice. It's the perfect winter soup to be enjoyed all year long.

    Recipe by: ZLadyDi

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    An authentic South Vietnamese-style pho. A richly seasoned beef stock is served with rice noodles and thinly sliced beef.

    Recipe by: LETT101

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    Traditionally eaten with boiled rice for dinner, although it can be eaten on its own. My mum makes this specially for someone in the family who is feeling ill or down in the dumps! The meat should just fall off the bone. I know the list of spices may appear daunting if you don't have them, but once you buy them they can be stored in the cupboard and used to make other things like curries from scratch.

    Recipe by: aisyah

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    Oxtail soup reminds me of being very young as it was the soup that Mum made us when we were feeling under the weather or recovering from something.

    Recipe by: suewarr

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