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    Tender pork chop with a crust made from fresh breadcrumbs, cheese, lemon zest, thyme & tarragon. Serve with buttered new potatoes and a crisp salad or vegetables. Serves 2

    Recipe by: Samantha's Supper

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    This gorgeous roulade is a fantastic way to prepare pork loin and makes a stunning centrepiece. The stuffing of bacon, walnuts and mushrooms adds lots of rustic flavour.

    Recipe by: gee

    1101 reviews

    As with most slow cooker recipes this is tender and delicious.

    Recipe by: KOORBRUS

    2686 reviews

    This is melt in the mouth! This pork fillet, or tenderloin, soaks up the yummy juices as it cooks. Make sure to serve the juices on the side - it's amazing! This recipe is so simple, you will love it!

    Recipe by: chowsito

    539 reviews

    This is a staple marinade for pork chops using store-cupboard ingredients. Marinade for at least an hour, though overnight is best!

    Recipe by: Sherlock

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