Vegetarian BBQ recipes (55)

    Find vegetarian BBQ ideas so that everyone enjoys your next barbecue! We've loads of savoury ideas that vegetarians and meat-eaters alike are sure to love - from barbecued veggie burgers and kebabs, and lots more.

    Top vegetarian BBQ recipes

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    Squares of cooked polenta are topped with blue cheese then warmed through on the barbecue. You could easily do this under the grill, too. An easy and delicious vegetarian addition for a summer BBQ party.

    Recipe by: Syd

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    Looking for a vegetarian barbecue? Portobello mushrooms are your answer! These meaty mushrooms are great served on top of crusty bread. Melt cheese over them and top with wild rocket for a filling meal.

    Recipe by: BFOLLICK

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    A few simple ingredients make really tasty meat-free burgers. If you want to barbecue them, the best method is to cook the burgers in advance and just heat them up over the coals, as this prevents them from sticking to the grilling rack. A crisp side salad is all that is needed with the burgers in their sesame-topped buns.

    Recipe by: Norma MacMillan

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    The meatiest of veggie burgers. Serve on a fresh crusty roll with garlic-infused mayonnaise.

    Recipe by: Bob Cody

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    Cooked carrots, summer squash and courgette are stirred into oats, cheese and egg with some stock and soy sauce added for colour and taste - a great alternative to beef burgers. Chill for at least 1 hour, then shape into thick burgers and pan fry, grill or barbecue.

    Recipe by: Jen Parmer

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      Barbecued portobello mushrooms
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      Polenta squares with blue cheese
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      Veggie kebabs
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      Elote (Mexican corn on the cob)

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