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    Aromatic spices play a central role in so many dishes, both sweet and savoury. Find recipes for your favourite spices here, including cinnamon, ginger and more.


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    7 reviews

    A simple, tasty, but quick stir-fry that everyone seems to love. Even my mother! Serve with steamed brown rice with peas mixed through the rice.

    Recipe by: squelchUK

    10 reviews

    An aromatic and authentic Jamaican curry powder without chilli, which should be added separately to any dish. For authentic Jamaican flavour, Scotch Bonnet chillies are typically added to most spicy recipes. You can also use ground versions of any of the spices here, but for better flavour start with whole.

    Recipe by: Monty

    147 reviews

    These American favourites are relatively easy to make, and nothing's better for Christmas morning!

    Recipe by: MISS_MARSH

    60 reviews

    A healing mixture of turmeric and spices combined with warm milk, which is thought to harness the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric to battle colds, coughs and congestion. Cosy up to a mug of this Indian home remedy if you need a boost!

    Recipe by: kaymende

    148 reviews

    This is an easy peasy recipe that benefits from loads of flavour. Quick enough for a midweek supper, yet unique and tasty enough for a dinner party. For something even more aromatic, toast and grind the spices yourself.

    Recipe by: DARLA C.

    Recipe videos: Spices

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      Star anise and cashew creme brulee
    • videoTitle
      Saffron risotto
    • videoTitle
      Homemade harissa
    • videoTitle
      Ginger lime tart
    • videoTitle
      Dersa (Algerian chilli paste)
    • videoTitle
      Cinnamon topped blueberry muffins
    • videoTitle
      Spicy gingerbread men
    • videoTitle
      Cinnamon roll bunnies
    • videoTitle
      Quick cinnamon rolls
    • videoTitle
      BBQ pork rub
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