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    A refreshing change from the humdrum pasta salad. Brown rice is cooked, then tossed with red onions, celery, cranberries and balsamic vinaigrette. Serve as a side dish.


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    Fresh mint, parsley, spring onions and cucumber are tossed with bulgur wheat to make this great summer salad seasoned with ginger and coriander. The king prawns make it a meal!

    Recipe by: Iron Chef Suzi-Q

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    A deliciously fresh and healthy farro salad. Whole grain farro is cooked till tender, then combined with fresh veg and plenty of olive oil.

    Recipe by: Dario

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    This recipe is the real deal - delicious, healthy and easy to make.

    Recipe by: EPITOPES

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    This has got to be one of my favourite salads of all time. It's Mexican-inspired, hearty, packed full of protein, monosaturated fats, texture and flavour. My original recipe calls for black beans, but I've also used chickpeas in the past.

    Recipe by: honeyandspice

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    This rice dish is based on the traditional Greek salad, only it has rice and avocados added to it. It's delicious with grilled meats. Serve at your next summer barbecue.

    Recipe by: Walk the Line

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    This is a super-colourful salad, that's packed full of delicious flavours and textures. Brown rice is tossed with vegetables, raisins and cashews in a soy sauce dressing.

    Recipe by: Alamay

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    This is a delicious recipe that works equally well eaten on its own or as a suitable accompaniment to roast chicken or lamb kebabs. The versatility is that you can use any vegetables or salad items to mix in with the bulgur cracked wheat but traditionally spring onions, red and green peppers are used. You can also dress with a little olive oil and lemon juice for an extra tangy kick.

    Recipe by: Hulya

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    Quinoa is a great change to rice or pasta. I've been trying to think of more dishes using quinoa and came up with this salad.

    Recipe by: SunFlower

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    I don't know where I got this recipe but have had it for as long as I can remember. The rice should be cooked in advance and can be kept in the fridge for 24 hours once cooled. I shall be using this salad when we throw a lunch party to celebrate my husband's birthday next month.

    Recipe by: HighSpeedMum

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