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    Bake a rich chocolate loaf cake in a jiffy with these delectable recipes. We've tried and tested classic chocolate loaf cakes, as well as unique recipes from cooks like you.

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    10 reviews

    This triple chocolate loaf is dense, moist and always perfect. Unfortunately it is also very easy to make and therefore very tempting for a lazy Thursday evening. Responsibly, I did manage to make this cake last weekend for a friend's party and it was a huge hit.

    Recipe by: geneviever

    22 reviews

    This is the perfect chocolate loaf cake. It is of course, very chocolatey, very moist, very rich and very versatile - perfect! We enjoy this cake for breakfast with coffee, after lunch, and after dinner - perfect any time!

    Recipe by: geneviever

    11 reviews

    So chocolaty! Eat warm and eat some more! Just finish the whole loaf and no need to share with anyone!

    Recipe by: BrianCaffin

    14 reviews

    Got some older bananas that need using up but want a change from the usual? This really really yummy recipe is one I modified from a plain banana cake and it is now so popular it gets requested all the time. Best of all it can be done with ease in a food processor, so it's also really fast to make for a picnic or sudden guests! Also kids love it, it's got chocolate in it! Doesn't need icing or buttering, is plenty good on its own.

    Recipe by: Tambaloneus

    10 reviews

    It's not hard to remember the proportions of this recipe - the weight of flour, butter, sugar and eggs is the same. Then, you can add whatever you like - in this case, pears and chocolate.

    Recipe by: Capucine

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